About Us

Who We Are?

GREENFEM is a platform for diverse ecofriendly products and services which asserts zero environmental damage while supporting rural women entrepreneurs to achieve the market opportunities in diverse market ventures.

Areas of Working

  1. Ecological foods
  2. Green Products
  3. Eco and agroecological tourism and learnings
  4. Interior design, home garden and estate designing and planning

Our Vision

Delivering ecologically sustainable products and services range while preserving and promoting the women led entrepreneurship in an environment friendly context.

Our Mission

To empower the rural women entrepreneurs in the context of sustainable green productions while promoting the diverse green markets and products avenues in locally and internationally.
Grow social business in order to retain the market leadership while uplifting the living standards of rural women and men, by providing them with sustainable employment while keeping alive the local traditions of the handloom and crafts in Sri Lanka

Who We Are?

Our Objectives

    1. To enhance the capacities of rural entrepreneurs focusing diverse market avenues through implementing programs and necessary initiatives.
    2. To market and sell green products in local, national and international market avenues.
    3. To implement eco and agroecology-based tourism in creative knowledge sharing platforms.
    4. To implement, coordinate and organize agroecology learning and exchange programs linking with relevant entities.
    5. To initiate organic and ecofriendly food hubs and ventures for assert the supply of nutritional food.
    6. To implement interior designing and garden and other home garden and estates designing and consultations
    7. To conduct learning and sharing programs on environment and other relevant sectors.

House of Green Products.

Green Products with empowered women entrepreneurship

GreenFem supports marginalized communities, especially women to generate their own livelihood opportunities with handmade design green products and accessories.

GreenFem diverse products range includes:

Textiles, handloom products, Rush and Reed, COCO products, Jute Products, and other environmentally friendly nonperishable products.

GreenFem discovers consumer preferences, values and quality of the green products and supports rural producing groups and individuals for enhancing the capacities with consumer demand while presenting innovative ecofriendly lifestyle. GreenFem attempts to add a story to each single product which you buy through human and ecological value.

GreenFem endures to strength women entrepreneurship through the capacity development for designing and supply of quality products. Purchasing from GreenFem contributes to enhance the livelihoods opportunities of rural communities, many of them are women and to mitigate the climate change with biodegradable products.

GreenFem products encourage sustainable use of disposal and bio degradable natural resources in an environmentally friendly manner. Our products ensure the minimum carbon emission which support to mitigation of climate change and reduce ecological footprint. We empower our green producers with innovative sustainable green solutions using so called natural material such as reed and rush, jute, coconut husk, handloom, natural colors, woven palm and jute, waste disposal, linen and cotton and by products with disposal.

Our products house contains beautiful verities of handicrafts inspired by Sri Lankan women artist and craftsmen which are modified to suit modern tastes and trends.